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What is Setquest?

First of all our service is made for bloggers and those who want to increase their audience! It will enable you to motivate your spectators to subscribe to you or to like your post. It’s very simple: our site will help you to create a unique page, the link on you can place on your channel or public. Following the link, your viewers will be asked to complete your quests (for example: subscribe to your channel / group / profile and like your post ). After completing the quests, they receive an encouragement in the form of access to the link or to the file. Completing of the quest are verified. You just have to figure out how to motivate your viewers!

Such method of issuing materials helps to increase the number of your subscribers and likes fivefold and more! Do not believe me? Check this out for yourself! Now users will not just visit your channel / blog once, they will stay with you!

Easy to use!

You shouldn’t be into programming! Just set the quest!.


Registration isn’t obligatory, all your private data will stay with you.

Simple and free!

Our idea was to make accessible and useful service .

We don’t stand still!

Frequent updates and new technologies.

Unique links

You can create unique links for your quests.

Our ideas are unique!

We are the first in the market, there are simply no analogues.

The first our happy users are already felt the growth of live subscribers on their experience.

We’re online!

You can always contact us, leave a suggestion or feedback on the work of our service.

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